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13 Best Software for Podcasts in 2024

Are you looking for the best software for podcasts in 2024? This list covers the essential software needed in every stage of your podcast creation jou...

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6 Best Podcast Topic Ideas For Business Podcasts (2024 - 2026)

This is an updated list of top podcast topic ideas for business podcasters, along with those poised to be evergreen and continue growing to 2025 and b...

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32 Podcast Advertising Statistics To Know About in 2024 And Beyond

The podcast advertising market is growing, with many twists and turns in recent years. It is currently one of the go-to markets for marketers and bran...

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How to Create a Podcast Marketing Calendar ( + Free Template)

What's a Podcast Marketing Calendar?

A podcast marketing calendar is a **schedule or plan that outlines activities for promoting your podcast over...

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How to Share a Podcast to Instagram Stories

While there are many ways to promote a podcast on Instagram, many podcasters still leverage Instagram Story to reach their core audiences.

There are ...

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How to find good podcast topics to talk about

Creating a sucessful podcast isn't just about picking up a mic and talking about whatever comes to mind.

To truly connect with an audience and grow ...

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How To Do a Solo Podcast: Actionable Tips and Tools You Need

Do you want to start podcasting alone without worrying about finding guests and co-hosts to run your show?

We've got you covered.

In this guide, we...

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Email Marketing For Podcasts - Tips, Platforms, & Best Practices

Becoming a familiar host in your podcast's niche entails more than just picking up a microphone and recording. You need to promote your podcast strate...

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How To Summarize a Podcast For Free in 2024

One crucial aspect when publishing your podcast episode is the summary in your show notes. This is because, after your title, the summary is what a po...

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15 Podcast Best Practices For 2024 - Free Checklist

With more than 3.2 million podcasts in the world, the podcasting landscape is vast and competitive, henc...

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How Long Should a Podcast Description Be? - tips and examples

Writing the perfect podcast description is an excellent way to summarize what your podcast episode is about. But beyond summarizing your episode, podc...

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10 Podcast Marketing Strategies for 2024

Ever wondered why some podcasters rake in millions of listeners while others can't seem to hit 100 monthly listeners **despite having top-notch conten...

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2024 podcasting trends every podcaster should know about

As the podcasting industry continues to grow, it’s important for podcasters to stay ahead of the curve and keep up with the latest trends.

Let's tak...

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Complete guide to master Podcast Audiograms and Short Clips

For your podcast to stand out and get noticed, you need more than just Spotify or Apple Podcast. You need to attract new listeners, promote your old e...

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Create a podcast landing page and attract new listeners (with actionable tips and examples)

As podcast creators, we all share the common objective of increasing downloads and generating monthly revenue from our podcast audience.

However, ac...

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How to repurpose and promote a podcast on social media

Do you put hours of effort into recording each of your podcast episodes but keep struggling to find new listeners?

When you are a podcast creator, p...

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Everything you need to know about podcast transcription

Podcast transcription is a powerful but often overlooked way to make your podcast more accessible, engaging and profitable. In this article, you will ...

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How to advertise your Podcast on Facebook and Grow Your Audience

As podcasters, we know the struggle of growing our show. Every week, every episode means creating new social media posts, writing show notes, creating...

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How to choose a podcast show notes service - actionable tips

Let’s be honest… producing a podcast is no easy task. Just to publish one episode of 30-40 minutes you can spend from 2 days to a week producing it. Y...

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17 Inspiring Podcast Show Notes Examples to Elevate Your Show (2023)

Podcast show notes are often overlooked by podcasters, but they can have a huge impact on your podcast’s success. By optimizing your show notes and fo...

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Podcast SEO best practices

Every day, countless individuals are using search engines like Google, seeking content closely related to your podcast. These individuals have the pot...

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Audio-only Podcast vs Video Podcast - Pros, Cons and Actionable Tips

Are you confused about whether you should do an audio-only podcast or a video podcast?

Given the growth of YouTube, it is easy to assume that video p...

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15 Best AI tools to launch and grow your podcast

So you’ve started a podcast like you always wanted but there’s a problem... it just takes too much of your time & resources to produce it and keep it ...

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How to repurpose podcast content and grow your audience

*Note: This blog post is a complete guide on how to repurpose podcast content with AI and grow your audience. If you prefer having this content a...

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AI vs SEO: Will Google penalize your AI-generated content?

The emergence of AI-generated content has ignited discussions and raised concerns among content creators, marketers, and SEO (Search Engine Optimizati...

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Find Podcast Guests + e-mail Templates

Are you struggling to bring guests to your podcast? Are you worried that you won’t get a yes from the guests?

Then this article is for you.

**In thi...

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How to write catchy podcast episode titles that work

Just like a catchy thumbnail is crucial for a YouTube video, a compelling title is equally important for a podcast.

**Titles are an essential elemen...

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What is a Podcast Manager and why you might need one.

Podcasting is an incredibly rewarding endeavor, but those who truly invest in their podcasting journey are well aware of the immense amount of work it...

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Keep your audience engaged with a podcast newsletter

As a podcaster, it can be challenging to keep your audience engaged and up-to-date on your latest episodes. That's where a newsletter can come in hand...

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Add chapters to your podcast on Spotify with timestamps

Adding clickable chapter timestamps to your podcast episodes on Spotify can greatly enhance the listening experience for your audience. With the new p...

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What is an RSS feed for Podcasts and how to use it

As a podcaster, you might have heard the term "RSS feed" before, but you might not know exactly what it is or how it can benefit your podcast. In this...

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How to Earn Money from Podcast Sponsorships

Monetizing your podcast is important if you want to turn your passion project into a sustainable source of income. Sponsorships are a popular way to d...

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What are podcast show notes and why you need them

Many podcasters consider their task done, once they have finished recording, editing and publishing the episode. They, then, quietly move on to the ne...

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