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Wannabe Entrepreneur Podcast
Podsqueeze is built in public! This means we openly share all the challenges and victories of creating Podsqueeze with the public, including the technologies we employ, marketing strategies, profit achievements, and much more. Follow our co-founder's podcast, Wannabe Entrepreneur, where he shares the entire journey from day one.

Interviews & Collaborations

Daniliants Ventures: Maximizing Your Podcast's Potential

Tiago Ferreira, co-founder of Podsqueeze, discusses building Podsqueeze and marketing strategies with Mikael Hugg, Creative Director at GrowthLand.

A conversation with Charles Cormier, CEO at Topleads

Tiago Ferreira, co-founder of Podsqueeze, discusses the art of podcasting and shares valuable insights about managing a business and living as an Indie Maker.

Podigy Podcasts: A conversation with a podcasting agency

João and Tiago, the founders of Podsqueeze, have a conversation with Justin and Celine, about the features of Podsqueeze and how it has helped streamline work at their agency

Gold Penguin TV: Meeting Tiago, Co-founder of Podsqueeze

The co-founder of Podsqueeze shares his journey of transitioning from a successful career in software development to becoming an independent entrepreneur.

Founder Secrets: Indie Maker Tiago Ferreira on Building an AI Business Today

Tiago talks about the development of Podsqueeze and how it managed to reach a monthly revenue of $11,000 in five months.

Packet Pushers: behind the curtain of Podsqueeze's AI Service

Tiago shares insights about the development of Podsqueeze and its backend infrastructure.

Product Hunt: Podsqueeze Promo Video

A video produced by Product Hunt for Podsqueeze, following Podsqueeze's achievement as the #2 product of the day on the platform.

Soy Podcastera

Soy Podcastera: A Live Discussion on Podsqueeze and the Utilization of AI in Podcasting (Spanish)

Tiago and João, founders of Podsqueeze, engage in a discussion with Marcela about the development of AI and its influence on podcasting and society at large.

FAQs about Podsqueeze

What is Podsqueeze?

Podsqueeze is a tool designed for podcasters and podcast managers. It can generate various types of content, such as transcripts, show notes, timestamps, social media posts, newsletters, and more, directly from podcast audio, utilizing AI technology. Podsqueeze offers a straightforward interface, allowing users to easily upload podcast audio or video and generate content with a single click.

Who are the founders of Podsqueeze?

Podsqueeze was created by Tiago, a software engineer, and João, a UX/UI designer. They are both independent creators based in Lisbon, Portugal, with a decade of experience in product development through bootstrapping, without relying on external investments. More recently, Podsqueeze's team has grown to include an additional developer and a team of two content creators.

Why is Podsqueeze built in Public?

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, we believe that ideas should not be concealed; rather, they should be shared with the public and swiftly validated, ideally with a minimum viable product (MVP). This keeps us adaptable and agile, and helps us find opportunities quickly and confidently. We know that building a business and brand from scratch can be tough, so we're passionate about sharing our experiences and supporting other indie makers. To stay updated in real-time, follow our co-founder, X (twitter) at @wbetiago, and be sure to explore his podcast,Wannabe Entrepreneur

How much was the initial investment?

Podsqueeze is a bootstrapped product, which means it had no initial investment apart from our time. It all began with an MVP (minimum viable product) that rapidly evolved into a self-sustaining company.

Can i interview the founders of Podsqueeze on my podcast?

We enjoy collaborating with podcasters to share our story and expertise. However, as a small team with a busy schedule, we may not be able to accommodate every interview request. Nevertheless, we're open to hearing about your collaboration ideas and exploring the possibility of working together on a podcasting project. Feel free to reach out to us at team@podsqueeze.com, and let's have a conversation!

What are your future plans?

Podsqueeze is more than just a podcast content writer; it is a podcast squeezer! 😄 Our mission is to create the ultimate tool for repurposing podcasts. This includes not only written content like transcripts, show notes, and newsletters but also various media outputs such as quote images and video clips. We're dedicated to continually enhancing and expanding our platform based on valuable feedback and requests from our users.

Who is Podsqueeze intended for?

Podsqueeze is tailored for podcasters looking to streamline their podcast production process and grow their audience. With Podsqueeze, podcasters can save valuable time and focus on what truly matters – creating outstanding podcasts. We also understand that podcast managers and agencies can greatly benefit from Podsqueeze by efficiently managing content production for their clients' podcasts. That's why we've incorporated features designed to assist small businesses in effective workflow management.

How can I know more about Podsqueeze?

Staying informed about Podsqueeze's ongoing development is easy. You can stay updated by following our co-founder, X (twitter) account at @wbetiago, where he regularly shares insights and updates on Podsqueeze's journey. You can also tune in to his podcast, Wannabe Entrepreneur. Additionally, we offer a newsletter where we share product updates and provide valuable podcasting resources, including free ebooks and articles. To subscribe to our newsletter, simply create an account on Podsqueeze and opt in to receive our emails. It's a convenient way to stay in the loop about all things Podsqueeze.