Podcast Subtitle Generator


Podcast Subtitle Generator

Do you want to enhance your podcast's accessibility and reach a wider audience? With Podsqueeze AI-powered subtitle generator, you can now automatically generate accurate subtitles for your podcast with one-click. Export your subtitles as a ready-to-use SRT file and upload it to YouTube, or utilize it with your preferred media player or editing software.

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Accurately transcribe and generate subtitles for your audio or video podcast with AI

Podsqueeze listens to your podcast and generates a full transcript with speaker identification and timecodes. Download your transcript as a ready to use .srt file to add synchronized subtitles to your podcast. SRT files are compatible with many video-sharing platforms like YouTube and media players, allowing podcasters to offer a text-based representation of spoken content in their episodes.

High speed subtitle generation

Podqueeze AI generates your podcast subtitles at lightning fast speeds that no human can match. Create accurate subtitles for a 30 minute long podcast in less than 5 minutes.

Light On Your Pocket

Whether you're a budding podcaster or a podcasting agency, our AI subtitle generator offers a pocket-friendly way to outsource your podcast subtitles costing as low as $1-$2 per episode.

Automatically repurpose your content

With just one click, Podsqueeze can transform your transcript and subtitles into a range of useful content formats, including show notes and clips with subtitles that you can effortlessly share on social media.

Maximize the reach of your podcast with Podsqueeze

Generate short video clips from your podcast's audio

Podsqueeze can convert your podcast subtitles into engaging short video clips. These compact clips are perfect for sharing on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, making your podcast audio content more shareable.

Summarize your podcast transcript

Generate comprehensive show notes for your podcast episode, including summaries, timestamped chapters, and key takeaways presented as bullet points. Effortlessly enhance your podcast's engagement and provide valuable content for your audience.

Repurpose Your podcast content across multiple channels

Podsqueeze AI automatically transforms your audio into a variety of content pieces, such as blog posts, tweets, newsletters, social media updates, and more to help promote your podcast across different channels.

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How to auto-generate podcast subtitles with Podsqueeze

1. Pick a podcast episode to transcribe

Sign up for a Free Podsqueeze account and click “generate content”. Search for your podcast in the search bar to select an episode or directly upload an audio or video file.

2. Podsqueeze Analyzes & Transcribes Your Podcast Episode

Our AI analyzes your podcast, identifies the podcast's speakers & begins transcribing your podcast.

3. Get Subtitles for your podcast and much more!

In just a few minutes, Podsqueeze automatically creates your transcript and provides an SRT file with ready-to-use subtitles. But there's more! Our AI goes the extra mile, repurposing your audio to generate show notes, chapters with timestamps, title suggestions, and much more.

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How do subtitles benefit my podcast?

Boosts SEO and Makes Your Podcast more Discoverable

Subtitles enhance your podcast's SEO - Search Engine Optimization. Platforms like Youtube can understand more about your content when it has text associated with it and rank your content effectively. This increases your visibility attracting a larger and more diverse audience to your podcast.

Makes your podcast easier to follow along for non-native speakers

Subtitles make it easier for non-native speakers to follow along and understand cultural references, idiomatic expressions, and slang, which can be challenging for those not familiar with the language and culture. They can also serve as a valuable language-learning tool. Non-native speakers can listen to the podcast while reading the subtitles to expand their vocabulary and improve their language skills.

Can I download my podcast subtitles for free?

Yes, you can! We offer a free plan that lets you generate subtitles for upto 50 mins of podcasting time a month, without the need for a paid subscription or credit card. Sign up, upload your podcast episode, and try it out without any commitment.

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