AI Podcast Clips Maker


AI Podcast Clips Maker

Last updated: 7/18/2024

Convert your podcast into engaging short video clips to promote on Titkok, Reels & Youtube shorts with Podsqueeze AI-Powered clip maker. Skyrocket your social media engagement and grow the audience for your podcast in one-click. No video editing skills needed.

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Create social media clips for your podcast audio or video with AI

Engaging video clips and audiograms

Effortlessly craft captivating audiograms and clips with captions from your podcast audio or video. Customize fonts and colors seamlessly to match your podcast's style. Share your clips on social media to boost your podcast's engagement and attract new listeners.

Easily select the best moments

Once you upload your podcast, Podsqueeze breaks down the key moments of your podcast into chapters using AI. Choose any chapter you'd like to post on social media, and let AI transform it into shareable clips.

Light on Your Pocket

Simplify your podcast's video snippet creation and cut costs on hiring freelancers. Generate audiograms and short video clips with Podsqueeze, starting at just $1 to $2 per podcast, all within a few minutes.


How to Generate Short Clips & Audiograms with Podsqueeze with Podsqueeze

1. Pick your podcast episode

Sign up, for a free Podsqueeze account and click “Convert new episode”. Simply search for your podcast or directly upload an audio or video file.

2. Podsqueeze analyzes your podcast

Our AI listens to your podcast, identifying key moments and generating subtitles automatically.

3. Get audiograms and short clips of your podcast

In a single click, Podsqueeze seamlessly generates audiograms or short video clips, depending on whether you've uploaded an audio-only or video file — perfect for sharing on social media. Customize the aspect ratio, colors, and fonts to match your podcast's style. Additionally, you have the flexibility to edit subtitles and trim clip lengths by simply removing unwanted subtitle lines

podcast clip maker


How do short video clips benefit my Podcast?

Boost the reach and discoverability of your podcast

Did you know that 41% of Gen-Z audience are now spending more time on Tiktok in comparison to traditional podcasting apps? The reach of short video platforms is exploding each day with Titkok having over 1 billion active users per month. Share your clips on social media to ignite curiosity and cultivate a thriving audience for your content.

Showcase the best parts of your podcast

According to the recent stats from NPR, 30% listeners stop listening to a podcast within the first five minutes. So as a podcast creator, you have very little time to capture the listener's interest. With short video clips, you can share the most interesting parts of your podcast on social media to create a good first impression and increase the likelihood of your audience tuning in for the entire episode.

Make money through social media sponsorships

Transform your podcast's social media platform into a premium advertising space, allowing brands to connect directly with a specialized target audience. Did you know that micro-influencers can rake in up to $200 for a sponsored TikTok video? As you hit the coveted 10k TikTok followers milestone, the potential earnings skyrocket into four figures and beyond. As your social media following expands, so do the opportunities to collaborate with niche brands, charging them for promoting their products through your engaging posts. It's a win-win for both your podcast and your pocket.

Learn more on how to get the most out of your Podsqueeze generated content.

Maximize the reach of your podcast with Podsqueeze

Repurpose your podcast to promote on multiple platforms

Podsqueeze AI automatically repurposes your podcast audio/video into multiple content pieces including blog post, newsletter, tweets, quote images, facebook and linkedin posts. This lets you promote your podcast across multiple channels and helps reach a new audience on each platform.

Summarize your podcast transcript

Generate comprehensive show notes for your podcast episode, including summaries, timestamped chapters, and key takeaways presented as bullet points. This makes your podcast more accessible & enhances the audience engagement with your podcast.

Create Landing Page for Your Podcast Episodes

Improve your listeners' experience by helping them navigate your podcast content effortlessly. In one-click, Podsqueeze creates an easily shareable landing page for all your podcast episodes with show notes and timestamps making it easier for your audience to find and enjoy their favorite parts.

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