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Generate podcast chapters with AI

Podcast chapters with timestamps significantly enhance the listener experience by enabling your audience to navigate specific parts of an episode effortlessly. With Podsqueeze’s AI, the process of chapter creation is now automated, saving you valuable time and elevating your podcast’s quality.

Save up to 100% of manual work

Our automated system creates accurate chapters with timestamps that you can effortlessly copy and paste into your show notes and podcast description section.

High precision and accuracy

Our AI precisely spots crucial moments in your podcast, creating chapters that capture your content's essence, leaving no vital topics unaddressed. Each chapter is timestamped with precision.

Boost SEO

Our AI will create well-structured chapters with titles and concise descriptions that are packed with keywords relevant to your episode. This helps make your podcast more discoverable and gives your listeners a clear overview of your episode.


Make the most out of your podcast chapters with Podsqueeze

Automatically generate video clips from each chapter

Creating a short video clip from your podcast audio using Podsqueeze is as simple as selecting the desired chapter and clicking "Export clip"! What's more, you can customize colors and upload your own images to give it a unique touch.

One click landing page creation for your episode

With just one click, you can create a landing page for your episode, complete with an embedded player and show notes with clickable chapters. Plus, your landing page makes it effortless to share specific moments in the episode with your friends and audience, making it easy to highlight and enjoy particular segments together.

Ready to use timestamps for spotify

Podsqueeze creates chapters with timestamps that are ready for use on Spotify. Just copy and paste our generated chapters into your podcast description, and Spotify will automatically make them clickable, allowing listeners to jump to the right segments in the episode player.

Podcast chapters


Why do you need podcast chapters?

Enhanced Discoverability and Engagement

Timestamps are not just markers in your podcast; they are powerful SEO tools. When indexed by search engines and podcast platforms, they increase the visibility of your podcast, making it easier for potential listeners to discover your content. Moreover, by allowing listeners to jump straight to the most engaging parts of your show, you can significantly reduce drop rates. This means listeners are more likely to stay tuned in and become regular followers.

Facilitated Content Sharing and Structure

Timestamps transform your podcast from a linear audio file into a structured piece of content. They act like a table of contents, providing a clear outline of your episode and helping listeners know what to expect. This structure not only enhances the listener experience but also makes it easier for them to share specific segments of your podcast. Whether it’s a memorable quote, a fascinating fact, or an insightful discussion, listeners can easily share these moments with their friends or on social media, leading to more plays and downloads.

Simplified Post-Production

The benefits of timestamps extend beyond the listening experience. For podcast creators, chapters with timestamps are invaluable during the post-production process. They make it easier to navigate through the podcast episode to make edits and identify key moments that can be repurposed for promotional snippets on social media or other platforms. This not only saves you time but also allows you to maximize the use of your content.

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