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Last updated: 7/17/2024

Become an Affiliate Partner
Earn 25% commission on every sale made through your exclusive referral link for a period of 15 months. Share your link on your website, social media, or with your friends. Takes seconds to join. Get automatically approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Affiliate Partner?

An Affiliate partner is someone who promotes another company's products or services through a unique referral link and earns a commission on every sale made through that link.

How can I become an Affiliate Partner?

Becoming an Affiliate Partner is quick and easy, taking just a few seconds of your time. To get started, simply click the "Join Now" button and sign up using your email. Once registered, you'll gain access to a user-friendly dashboard where you'll find your unique referral link. Share this link with your family, friends, or online audience. Whenever someone clicks on your referral link and makes a purchase on Podsqueeze's website, you'll earn a 25% commission on each payment for an entire 15 months! Keep track of your earnings effortlessly through your Affiliate dashboard, which provides a clear overview of all the sales you've generated.

How can I track my sales and commissions?

Use our affiliate program dashboard to track your sales and commissions. The tracking software is available for both Affiliate Partners and Business Partners.

When and how will I receive my payment?

You will receive your payment via PayPal every 30 days. Please note that there is a minimum payout threshold of $50. So, as soon as you reach this amount, you can expect to receive your payment like clockwork every 30 days.


Send us a message on the support chat or email us to team@podsqueeze.com