Create a podcast landing page with one click


Create landing pages for your podcast episodes with one click!

With podsqueeze you can create podcast landing pages with show notes, clickable chapters, and a player that allows your audience to share any episode segment. All with a single click!

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Create Landing Page
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Why use AI to create a landing page for your podcast episode?

Podsqueeze is a tool that uses AI to create amazing content for your podcast. With Podsqueeze, you get transcripts, show notes, timestamps, titles, blog and social posts, and an engaging landing page with a player that you can easily share with your audience. And the best part: you don't need to set up anything. Podsqueeze generates the episode description and the chapters with timestamps so that your audience can navigate and share their favorite moments of the episode.

Easily share your episode

Promote your episode across social media and with your friends with an engaging landing page. Share an interactive player with your audience right away, even before releasing your episode on your hosting platform.

Automatic Show Notes

Our landing pages generate show notes for your podcast episode with a single click, so you dont have to write them manually. You can still make edits and tune your show notes to your liking with AI, if needed!

Friendly player

Give your audience a great podcast experience on your landing page. With our playable chapters, they can explore your episode and share their favorite parts with their friends.


How to generate a landing page for your podcast with Podsqueeze?

1. Select your podcast episode

Sign in to podsqueeze, click “generate content”, and upload your file or search for your podcast name. It’s that simple with Podsqueeze!

2. Let AI work its magic

In just a few minutes our AI will analyze your podcast episode and generate a transcript, show notes, chapters with timestamps, titles, blog and social posts, clips and much more!

3. Publish your podcast landing page

Just click 'create' on the landing page, and you're all set! If you want to make any content changes, feel free to do so. Your landing page will automatically update.

Podcast landing page


How can I create a landing page for my podcast?

To generate a landing page for your podcast episode, go to your Podsqueeze Dashboard and choose the episode for which you've generated content. Next, click 'create' for the landing page, and it will be automatically generated with show notes and all the features to elevate your listeners' experience.

What if I want to delete my landing page?

After clicking "create" and making your page live, you'll see the option to "Delete page" become available. You have the flexibility to delete any landing page at any time, ensuring you maintain complete control over your content.

How can I edit the content of my landing page?

Your landing page's content is generated by AI, but you retain complete control over what you wish to publish on it. You can easily access and edit your landing page's content from your Podsqueeze Dashboard. Just navigate to your Dashboard, select your episode, make the edits on your show notes and chapters, and save them. Your landing page will be automatically updated with your edited content.

Will my landing page show up on Google?

Your landing page is search engine-friendly. Google will crawl and index it, making your podcast episode discoverable. Creating landing pages for your podcast episodes, is a great way to enhance your podcast's visibility on search engines. Learn more about podcast SEO

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