The best gift for a podcaster


The best gift for a podcaster

Gift your podcaster friend an annual Podsqueeze account — an original and truly useful present to help them publish and grow their podcast!

Podsqueeze is an AI tool that effortlessly transforms podcast episodes into various content formats with just one click. Simply upload a podcast episode, and Podsqueeze generates transcripts, show notes, title suggestions, blog and social media posts, video clips for social media, and much more!

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How does it work?

Offering a PodSqueeze gift card is simple and convenient for everyone.

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Choose and purchase a Gift Card

We have two gift card options available for you. Choose between an annual Starter or Pro account, depending on the number of minutes you want to include in the plan you're gifting.

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Receive your unique coupon code

We'll send you a digital gift card via email, complete with a unique coupon code and straightforward instructions on how to redeem it.

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Deliver the digital gift card to the recipient

Forward the digital gift card email (or print it) to the recipient. They can then follow the provided instructions to redeem their annual account.

Do you want to learn more about Podsqueeze? Explore all the features.

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Why is Podsqueeze the best gift for podcasters

As podcasters, we understand the joy of hosting a show, but also the challenges of podcast production. Recording an episode is just the begining; then we have to publish and promote it. This includes writing a transcript, crafting a description for directories, creating show notes for the website, and all the promotion on social media and beyond. This manual work can be quite frustrating and take hours, often overshadowing the joy of podcasting.

Enter Podsqueeze, the AI assistant that streamlines content creation for podcasters. Using AI, Podsqueeze quickly generates all the essential content pieces to publish and grow a podcast. Podcasters love Podsqueeze because it removes the pressure of producing their podcast episodes, allowing them to focus on what they love – creating exceptional podcast episodes.



Ready to make a podcaster very happy?

Choose between the Starter or Pro gift card. Both cards provide a year-long subscription to Podsqueeze, and all the features are included in both plans. The key distinction is in the available minutes and clips per month. We suggest selecting a gift card that aligns with the podcaster's requirements by considering the number and length of podcast episodes they release each month.


Annual Account


  • 160 minutes
    of podcast time per month to convert into content

  • 5 clips
    per month with Podsqueeze logo


Annual Account


  • 320 minutes
    of podcast time per month to convert into content

  • 10 clips
    per month without Podsqueeze logo


Are Podsqueeze gift cards digital or physical?

Our gift cards are digital, ensuring a convenient and prompt delivery. Once you complete your purchase, we'll send an email with a branded digital gift card that includes your unique coupon code and simple instructions on how to redeem it. You can then forward this email to the gift recipient.

What is the expiration date?

Podsqueeze git cards do not expire. The gift card coupon code will stay active forever and can be redeemed anytime.

How can I tell if Podsqueeze gift cards are a good match as a gift for a podcaster?

We are confident most podcasters will find podsqueeze to be a valuable tool for their podcasting journey. If you're uncertain whether podsqueeze is the right fit for a particular podcast, we're here to assist you in evaluating your case. Feel free to provide details to about the podcast you have in mind for the gift card, and we'll help you make an informed decision based on our experience with over 10,000 podcaster users.