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Convert Voice to Blog

Do you want to boost your podcast’s SEO and grow your online presence? Convert your podcast episodes and voice recordings into keyword-rich blog posts in one-click with Podsqueeze AI.

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Effortlessly generate a blog post from your audio with AI

Lightning fast blog generation

In just a few minutes, our AI will convert your podcast episodes and audio recordings into blog posts thoughtfully structured with a title and subtitles, focusing on the key points for a compelling read.

Tune to fit your writing style

Provide your own tuning instructions to AI and let it rewrite the blog posts to be first person / conversational or a custom writing tone that fits the style of your podcast and voice recordings.

Repurpose and expand your content

Unlock the full potential of your podcasts and audio recordings by effortlessly repurposing them into various content pieces like newsletters, and social media posts. All with just one click!


How to generate a blog post with Podsqueeze

1. Pick a Podcast episode

Sign up, for a free Podsqueeze account, click “Convert new episode” and select your podcast episode from your RSS feed or upload an audio/video file.

2. Analyzing your Podcast episode

Our AI listens to your podcast, analyzes its main topics, identifies keywords, and extracts key points to craft a search-engine friendly blog post title and subtitles.

3. Get your blog post and beyond!

In a matter of minutes, Podsqueeze automatically crafts a blog post from your voice recordings. But that's not all! Our AI goes the extra mile, repurposing your audio into transcripts, key takeaways, social media posts, and everything else essential to expand your reach.

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How does publishing blog posts benefit my podcast?

Enrich your show notes

Including a podcast blog post structured with subtitles is a valuable enhancement to your show notes, offering advantages over a simple short description. These structured subtitles break down the content into digestible segments, providing a clear roadmap for your audience through the key themes and insights discussed in your podcast episode. Moreover, it's an excellent way to capture the attention of audiences in a rush and engage those who prefer reading over listening. By incorporating structured subtitles, you create a more versatile and inclusive experience, enhancing the overall value of your podcast content.

Get More traffic from Google

In addition to the benefits that a blog post offers your audience, there are additional advantages for SEO. A well-organized blog post presents a content format rich in keywords, unlike a simple short episode description. The inclusion of structured subtitles, not only does it assist your audience in navigating your content seamlessly, but it also creates opportunities to showcase relevant keywords in headings, which tells search engines the relevance of these keywords. In essence, a comprehensive blog post proves itself as a better SEO asset compared to a brief description. It not only brings keyword density to the table but also adds substantial value for both search engines and your audience.

Expand your reach

Beyond its SEO perks, a blog post makes for an excellent companion to your podcast episodes, especially when shared on social media, particularly LinkedIn. The platform's professional environment welcomes in-depth, informative content, making blog posts a natural fit. LinkedIn users tend to value content that demonstrates expertise, making your blog posts a valuable asset for professional networking.

Learn more on how to get the most out of your Podsqueeze generated blog posts.

Maximize the reach of your podcast with Podsqueeze

Generate Audiograms & Short Video clips

Podsqueeze generates engaging audiogram videos from your podcast audio file that are perfect for sharing on platforms like Instagram and tiktok, maximizing your reach.

Shareable Landing Page for Your Podcast Episodes

Automatically create landing pages for all your podcast episodes with show notes, clickable chapters and a player that allows you to share any episode segment with your audience.

Promote Your Podcast Across Multiple Platforms

Our AI converts your podcast into a variety of content pieces including Newsletters, Linkedin posts, tweets and quote images to promote your podcast across different channels.

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