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Attract a wide audience and grow your podcast subscribers faster. Use Podsqueeze AI-Powered Social media post generator to convert your podcast audio into shareable social media posts in one-click.

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Why use AI to repurpose your podcast into social media posts?

Automate Your podcast marketing content

Generate one-click, ready-to-share social media posts to promote your podcast episode. Say goodbye to hours of manual work - let the AI handle it, freeing up your time to focus on podcast production.

Promote your podcast across all platforms

Podsqueeze helps you promote your podcast on different social media platforms with various content formats. From detailed LinkedIn posts to concise tweets, TikTok clips, and Pinterest quote images, we've got you covered.

Tune to your own style

Directly apply your own prompts and let our AI rewrite your content to match the style and voice of your podcast. Save your favorite tuning prompts and effortlessly apply them in future episodes to maintain consistency in your posts.


How to Generate Social Media Posts with Podsqueeze

1. Choose a podcast episode

Sign up for a free Podsqueeze account, click “convert new episode”, and upload your podcast epsiode or select it from your RSS feed link.

2. Processing your Podcast episode

Our AI analyzes your episode, transcribes the content, and identifies the main topics to craft engaging social media posts tailored for your podcast.

3. Get Social Media Posts of Your Podcast and much more!

In just a few minutes, you will get LinkedIn posts, tweets, quote images, short clips, blog posts, newsletters, and more to boost your podcast promotion!

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Why promote your podcast on social media?

Drive new listeners to your podcast episode

Sharing snippets from your podcast episodes on social media can be an effective way to increase your podcast's reach and create a sense of curiosity among a large audience. By doing so, you can pique the interest of potential listeners and motivate them to check out your podcast's website and listen to the full episode.

Make money through social media sponsorships

Your podcast's social media profile is a valuable space for advertisers to showcase their products or services, connecting directly with a specific target audience. As your social media following grows, your podcast becomes even more attractive for potential sponsorships, catching the attention of brands in your niche. You have the flexibility to set fees for a single promotional post or story, or for a series of posts that actively promote a product.

Collaborate with other podcasters

A quick way to boost your podcast's growth is by teaming up with fellow podcasters on social media who cater to a similar audience or niche. This collaboration involves shoutouts, interviews, and joint Q&A sessions. It lets you tap into each other's audiences, introducing your podcast to new listeners who are likely to be interested in the content.

Learn more on how to get the most out of your Podsqueeze generated content.

Level up your podcast's reach with Podsqueeze

Generate short video clips from your podcast's audio

With Podsqueeze, you can transform your podcast into compelling short video clips and audiograms. These bite-sized clips work wonders on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, expanding your podcast's reach to a broader audience.

Quote Images for Instagram and Pinterest

Quote images for your podcast on Instagram and Pinterest provide a visually engaging way to share important insights and memorable moments. These bite-sized visuals boost visibility and engagement, with listeners' reposts serving as organic promotion. Share these images with your podcast guests and encourage them to share on their social media as well.

Repurpose Your podcast content across multiple platforms

Automatically repurpose your podcast audio into byte sized content for twitter and long form posts to promote your podcast on Linkedin,facebook and newsletter. The Podsqueeze AI tailors the post content to fit the best practices and structure of each social media platform, creating a consistent and engaging experience for your audience.

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