Podcast Newsletter Generator


Podcast Newsletter Generator

Transform your podcast episodes into an engaging and easy to digest newsletter in just one click. Save hours on planning and writing your show's newsletters, streamlining your outreach. Keep your audience in the loop with new episodes and immersed in your content effortlessly.

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Why use AI to write a newsletter of your podcast episodes?

One-click Newsletter

With Podsqueeze, generating a full newsletter from your podcast episodes is as easy as a single click. What used to take up to 2 hours per episode, between planning and manual writing, is now accomplished in just a few minutes.

Engaging Newsletters

Podsqueeze summarizes the key topics of your podcast episodes into easy-to-digest bullet points and includes essential newsletter elements like a subject line, introduction, hooks, CTA, and closing lines to make it more engaging and professional.

Rewrite In Your Own Style

Apply your own prompts directly to infuse the newsletter with a playful, professional, sarcastic, or any custom writing tone that complements the vibe of your podcast. Save your preferred tuning prompts for future episodes, ensuring a consistent voice.


How to generate a newsletter with Podsqueeze

1. Pick a Podcast episode

Sign up here, for a free Podsqueeze account, click “Convert new episode” and select your podcast episode from your RSS feed or upload a audio/video file.

2. Analyzing your Podcast episode

Our AI actively listens to your podcast, pinpointing its theme, main topics, and key discussion points to craft an engaging newsletter.

3. Get Newsletter for Your Podcast & much more!

In a matter of minutes, Podsqueeze effortlessly generates a newsletter for your podcast. But there's more! Our AI takes it a step further by repurposing your podcast audio into transcripts, show notes, social media posts, and other content pieces to help you publish and grow your show.

podcast newsletter generator


How Does Sending a Newsletter Benefit My Podcast?

Connect with your listeners

Launching a newsletter offers a direct way to stay in touch with your podcast audience, keeping them informed without being tied to specific platforms. Here's something to ponder: social media reach hovers at 9%, plummeting to 5% on Instagram. So, with 1000 followers, you're only assured of reaching 50, unless you invest in ads. Newsletters step in to ease this challenge, providing a platform-independent method to connect with your listeners. A newsletter audience, consisting of actively subscribed individuals, not only guarantees high engagement but also opens up the possibility of reaching your entire audience.

Make Money through sponsorships

Your newsletter holds immense potential for advertisers aiming to connect with a targeted audience. It serves as prime real estate where you have the opportunity to monetize through sponsorships. By offering featured placements for tools or brands in your newsletter, you can not only provide valuable exposure but also charge a direct fee for these prominent spots. This approach not only benefits advertisers seeking a focused audience but also allows you to leverage your newsletter as a lucrative revenue stream through strategic partnerships and sponsorships.

Promote your Own Products

Transform your podcast into a revenue stream by featuring your products, services, and paid memberships directly in your email newsletter. The heightened engagement of your email subscribers significantly boosts the likelihood of them making a purchase. Remarkably, 79% of marketers acknowledge email marketing as the most effective channel for selling.

Learn more on how to get the most out of your Podsqueeze generated newsletters.

Skyrocket the growth of your podcast with Podsqueeze

Repurpose your podcast into short video clips & audiograms

Podsqueeze AI creates engaging video clips of your podcast that are perfect for sharing on platforms like Instagram reels and TikTok & boosting the reach of your episodes.

Share Your podcast content across multiple channels

Automatically transform your audio content into a variety of content pieces including blog posts, social media updates and quote images to share your podcast across different channels.

Create Landing Page for Your Podcast Episodes

Timestamps enhance your listeners' experience by helping them navigate your podcast content effortlessly. Incorporate them on Spotify to create segmented, clickable chapters, making it easier for your audience to find and enjoy their favorite parts.

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