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Transform your podcast episodes into easily shareable byte-sized highlights as bullet points with one-click. Boost engagement and get listeners hooked to your podcast with Podsqueeze AI.

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Effortlessly extract highlights from your podcast/video with AI

Bullet Points

With Podsqueeze, you can generate a list of bullet points summarizing your episode's highlights in just one click. This not only makes it a breeze for listeners to skim through your content but also entices them to listen to the entire episode.

Fast and accurate

Podsqueeze AI analyzes your podcast's audio or video, discerns key topic shifts, and extracts highlights for each subject - all in just five minutes. Save hours of replaying your episodes and jotting down notes.

Repurpose your content

Repurpose and maximize your content with just one click! Transform your audio/video recordings into various content pieces such as newsletters, blog posts, social media posts and much more.


How to Generate Podcast Bullet Points with Podsqueeze

1. Pick your podcast episode

Sign up, for a free Podsqueeze account here and click “generate content”. Search for your podcast in the search bar to select an episode or directly upload an audio or video file.

2. Podsqueeze analyzes the main topics of your episode

Our AI analyzes your podcast, identifies the core theme and key takeaways discussed in the episode to put together your podcast highlights as bullet points.

3. Get Highlights as bullet points and much more!

In just a few minutes, Podsqueeze seamlessly generates the highlights of your podcast as bullet points. But there's more! Our AI goes a step further & automatically repurposes your podcast into show notes, transcripts, chapters with timestamps, blog posts, social media posts and other content pieces needed to grow your podcast.

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Why add bullet points to my podcast's show notes?

Enhanced readability

Episode highlights as bullet points are easier and quicker to read compared to lengthy descriptions, allowing listeners to grasp the key takeaways at a glance and catch up with your content while on the move.

Boosts engagement and retention

Did you know that almost 30% of listeners stop listening to a podcast episode within the first 5 minutes? As a podcast creator, You have very little time to capture your listener's interest. By adding bullet points of your podcast's highlights on your show notes, you can let your listeners know beforehand what they're going to learn by the end of your episode and increase the chances of them consuming the entire episode.

Appealing and consistent aesthetics

Your podcast website serves as a central hub for listener interactions, including newsletter sign-ups and product purchases. Styling your podcast highlights on your site to match your branding and presenting content in a visually appealing and consistent manner can give your podcast a more professional look and boost visitor trust.

Learn more on how to get the most out of your Podsqueeze generated content.

Do More With Your Podcast Highlights

Automatically Generate Chapters with timestamps

Podsqueeze generates chapters for your episodes complete with timestamps, titles and descriptions. Chapters let listeners jump to their favorite part of the episode in a click and improves retention.

Create Video Highlights of Each Chapter

Podsqueeze AI can convert your podcast highlights into short video clips and audiograms. These compact clips are perfect for sharing on platforms like Instagram / TikTok making your podcast content more shareable. With 41% of Gen-Z audience spending more time on TikTok compared to traditional podcasting apps, it's a great way to reach a wider audience

Expand your audience

Our AI converts your podcast into a variety of content pieces including Newsletters, Linkedin posts, tweets and quote images. This lets you promote your podcast across multiple channels and helps reach a new audience on each platform.

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