10 Actionable Ideas to Grow your Podcast



10 Actionable Ideas to Grow your Podcast

We know firsthand that podcasting is a rewarding activity, but we also recognize the difficulties in promoting your show and connecting with a larger audience. That's why we've created our ebook 35 Actionable Ideas to Grow Your Podcast, tailored to support podcasters like you in your pursuit of success.

Here are some of the ideas you can find in our eBook:

10 actionable ideas to promote your podcast and grow your audience

Launch your podcast on Product Hunt

What is Product Hunt

Product Hunt is one of the best platforms to share new products in tech with 100,000+ visitors. So if you run a podcast related to tech, productivity or marketing, a product hunt launch is a must.


1 - Put your podcast in front of thousands of tech enthusiasts

2 - Free Product Hunt coverage for your podcast

3 - Get valuable feedback for your podcast from the community

How to launch your podcast on Product Hunt

1 - Create an account on Product Hunt and schedule your launch

2 - Choose an ideal launch day (Sat/Sun are less competitive)

3 - Ask your listeners & followers to upvote you on launch day




Cross Promote with other niche podcast creators


1 - Open your podcast to an untapped audience of listeners

2 - Increase the brand awareness of your podcast

3 - Make relationships with other creators and grow together

How to cross-promote with other podcast creators

Shout out Swap: A shout-out swap is when you call out another podcast in exchange for that podcast creator doing the same for you. Typically they run for at least 30 seconds.

Feed Drop: A feed drop is when you insert another creator’s audio into one of your episodes and vice versa. They can be part of an episode, an ending portion of an episode, or an entire episode by itself. If you decide to swap an entire episode, it’s best to set some context for your listeners at the start on why they should listen to it

Co-hosting: Co-hosting is when you and another creator decide to collaborate on an episode or a series of episodes and publish it on both of your podcasts. This is a great way to exchange your audience with each other and also have fun while doing it.

How to find and approach podcast creators you can cross-promote with

1 - Search for podcasts that are related to your niche or that have a similar audience

2 - Drop them a DM on Twitter or an email proposing your idea.

3 - Finalize the cross-promotion and go live.

DM example

Hi. I run a podcast called “ _” on community building. And I would love to do a cross promotion with your podcast, since we both share common audience and have an opportunity to grow our following. What do you think?


Free if you both have equal audience, but can be paid if you’re reaching out to a creator who has a bigger following than you

Grow your podcast on social media mentioning brands

What is it?

A growth hack to get more audience for your podcast is by mentioning brands/tools in your podcast that you use to get your work done or by mentioning people whom you get inspired from.

Ex: I used Canva pro to remove the background from my social media post images


1 - Tag the big brands & influencers mentioned in your podcast on social media to get retweets and mentions for your posts.

2 - Introduce your podcast to 1000’s new audience.

3 - Opens up an opportunity to establish relationships with brands in your niche with whom you can collaborate or partner in the future.

How to find all the brands and products you’ve mentioned in your podcast

1 - Go to Podsqueeze and create an account

2 - Upload the audio file of your podcast or select the episode from your RSS feed

3 - Get the list of all the brands and tools that you’ve mentioned in your podcast


This LinkedIn post.

Pitch your podcast to the listicles

What is it?

Listicles are a list of podcast recommendations that are shared on a website’s blog.

Ex: 10 podcasts that every single mom should listen to


1 - If the list becomes popular, you will get hundreds of new downloads for your podcast

2 - Your podcast will reach a wide range of audience

3 - Will make your podcast a go-to podcast in your niche

How to pitch your podcast and get it added to listicles

1 - Search on Google for “best podcasts for ____ (your topic) Ex: Best podcast for self-improvement

2 - Make a list of websites that you want to reach out to

3 - Get their email address from the contacts page

4 - Email them requesting to add your podcast to their listicle, with a link to the podcast and why you feel it's a good fit for their listicle.



Join a Podcast Network

What’s a Podcast Network

A podcast network is a group of podcasts that unite together by a similar theme, genre, partnership or ownership. A podcast network provides a platform for its podcasters to distribute their show, access production, network with other podcasters, and generate revenue from advertising and sponsorships.

How to find a podcast network

You need to find a podcast network that hosts shows that are similar to yours for the best results Here’s how you can find the podcast network that’s the best fit for you:

1 - Search on Google for “Podcast network + [your podcast topic/niche] Ex: Podcast network for marketing.

2 - Try asking on communities like r/podcasts for recommendations.

3 - Browse sites like Chartable.

Checklist to join a podcast network

1 - The number of followers for the network. The more it has, the better reach for you.

2 - Does the network have any creative restrictions on your content?

3 - How many other podcasters are part of the network & their credibility?

4 - The ad revenue & sponsorship share between you and the network.

5 - What is the support provided by the network? Do they offer promotional resources, access to sponsorships, and networking opportunities?

Top podcast networks



Relay FM


Ask guests to share your podcast with their audience


1 - Expand the listener circle for your podcast & get more downloads.

2 - Increase the social proof & authority of your podcast.

Ways you can ask guests to share your podcast

1 - Post a short video of your podcast on the guest’s social media (Linkedin, Instagram/ Twitter) with a podcast link.

2 - Request them to do an email blast with short notes of your podcast episode to their email newsletter subscribers.

3 - Convert your podcast into a post with Podsqueeze and publish the podcast on the guest website.

Share your advice and plug your podcast into communities

What is it?

Communities are a place where members post their problems and ask questions. You can reply to those questions and plug your podcast organically.


As people are looking for a solution, they will listen to your podcast straightaway. Since they are your target audience, they will most likely subscribe to your podcast too.

How to find communities to plug

1 - Research communities that talk about your niche. For example: if your podcast is about marketing, search “marketing” in Reddit to find relevant subreddits & on Facebook to find relevant Facebook groups.

2 - You can use Hive Index to find communities faster.

3 - Read the rules for self-promotion in the communities.

4 - Answer people’s questions and plug your podcast if they allow self-promotion.

Write catchy titles for your podcast episode


1 - A catchy title captures the attention of listeners and gets more clicks.

2 - Be easily searchable on podcast platforms.


1 - Go to the Podsqueeze website and upload your podcast’s audio file.

2 - Now, Podsqueeze will generate a list of catchy titles you can use for your episode.

3 - Pick the one that fits the best and add it to your episode.

5 Tips for having a catchy titles for your podcast

1 - Ask questions in your titles. ex: What's the secret behind the success of the world's top podcasters?

2 - Add numbers in your title. ex: 5 steps to fix anyproblems at work

3 - Keep your titles between 80 to 95 characters for maximum engagement.

4 - Avoid spam words such as "trick", "secret","amazing", etc.

Read more tips on how to write catchy titles for your podcast.

Create an alert for your podcast on google alerts

What is it?

By creating a Google alert for your podcast, you will be notified whenever someone mentions your podcast name on the internet.


See the public reception of your podcast in real-time Reply and share the feedback about your podcast.

How to create a Google alert

1 - Go to Google Alerts.

2 - Enter your podcast name in the search box.

3 - Choose how often you want to be notified.

4 - Finally, click “Create alert”.

Post image quotes on social media


1 - Quotes get good reach on social media. If your followers relate to the quote, they will share them in stories or retweet them. So your podcast will get more reach.

2 - Tagging a guest whose quote you posted, will give you a repost or retweet from the guest which will boost your podcast plays.

How to create an image quote

1 - Go to Podsqueeze and create an account.

2 - Upload the audio file of your podcast or select the episode from your RSS feed.

3 - Now Podsqueeze will generate an image quote for you, which you can edit according to your audience and post on social media.



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35 actionable ideas to promote your podcast and grow your audience

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