6 Best Podcast Topic Ideas For Business Podcasts (2024 - 2026)



6 Best Podcast Topic Ideas For Business Podcasts (2024 - 2026)

This is an updated list of top podcast topic ideas for business podcasters, along with those poised to be evergreen and continue growing to 2025 and beyond.

We will cover 6 topic ideas with real-life examples and how they are driving views, clicks, and downloads for other business podcasters.

Whether you're a new podcaster wondering about how to start a business podcast or you’re a pro podcaster, here are top topic ideas for business podcasters you need to know.

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1. “How Anyone” Topics Relate More To Audience

“How Anyone” topics are always evergreen ideas for business podcasts and across other podcast niches.

For example, a podcast episode titled “How Anyone Can Start a Business” will appeal more to many audiences than a title like, “How to Start a Business.”

This topic idea has been on the rise for years and we predict it will continue to grow. It has been proven to work on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts respectively.

Here's Ali Abdaal using this topic idea with entrepreneur, Daniel Priestley.

Daniel Priestley business podcast interview with Ali Aabdaal on YouTube

This title translates not just to a group of audiences but to ANYONE (without any barrier). This then can appeal to many people, hence, becoming the podcast's most-watched video on YouTube.

The word “anyone” is inclusive as it refers to all people without exclusion.

It is general advice in business to always have a target audience but that advice isn't always true for a podcast in the business niche. As a business podcaster, you should be as generalistic as you can because everyone has a business and you shouldn’t limit your reach by targeting a small fraction of the audience.

Another example, Huberman Lab, a productivity podcast also uses this idea and the episode becomes one of the most popular in the niche.

A podcast episode of Huberman Lab, a productivity podcast using the "anyon" topic idea

An SEO approach to headline writing is to include a focus keyphrase and that's what the keyphrase “anyone” dies.

Business podcasters should consider adding “anyone” to their titles. For example, a title like, “How to Grow a Podcast,” can be turned into “How ANYONE Can Grow a Podcast.”

That topic is more specific and it appeals to every audience interested in growing a podcast regardless of their skill level.

2. “Masterclass” now appeals to mean “Advanced”

The growth of online courses has completely changed the way people perceive the word “masterclass.”

Masterclass is now synonymous with “paid” in the business world. Many courses often start as free, low-tier classes followed by paid masterclasses. So, when the word “masterclass” appears in a podcast title, it signifies there are some advanced content hidden in the episode.

In 8 months, this podcast episode of Ali Abdaal with Daniel Priestley has been watched over 2 million times following this topic idea.

a podcast episode from AAAli AAabdaal and Daniel Priestley using the topic idea "masterclass" in its title

Right now, many courses, lessons, and classes are named “masterclass” because of the value they provide.

In fact, take the online learning platform Udemy for example, among the best-selling courses in more than 8 categories have the word “masterclass” in them:


a best-selling course on udemy that haves "masterclass" in it


a best-selling dsign course on udemy that uses the word 'masterclass" in it


a best-sellingcourse on udemy that uses the word "masterclass" in it

Digital Marketing

a best-selling digital marketing udemy course that have the word "masterclass" in it


a best-selling programmingcourse on udemy that have the word "udemy" in tit

Many other high-end classes are named “masterclass” and that's exactly why you need the word in your podcast title. Add more life and best-seller feelings to your podcast topic with the word “masterclass.”

Also, it doesn't have to be that word alone. Here are a handful of others to consider;

  • Masterclass
  • Mastery
  • Expert
  • Advanced
  • Complete

3. Contrast / Timeframe Type Topic

People are interested in how others build or do something but they're more interested when you have a timeframe or a timeline of how or how far it took to achieve a goal.

In simple terms, people will appeal more to the topic of “How I Went From $0 - $500 MRR” than say, “How to Increase Your MRR.”

This type of topic idea is more prevalent in the business landscape where people are actively seeking how to get stuff done. An example of this topic in the creatorpreneur landscape will be an interview of a popular tech YouTuber, Mrwhosetheboss who had about 10 million subscribers at the time.

a podcast episode on YouTube (Deep Dive ith Ali Abdaal) that have a contrast topic idea in it

People might have been equally interested in other topics since he's popular but this topic idea of contrasting makes it more appealing to audiences. Since he went from 0 subscribers (a point where many YouTubers are) to 10 million subscribers (a point where many YouTubers want to be), this topic reflects that others (with 0 subscribers) can also achieve the same by learning how the YouTuber became a 10 million subscribers channel.

Other examples of this topic are;


TEDx episode using the constrast topic idea


self-help podcast episode using the contrast topic idea


podcast businss episode that uses the contrast topic idea

This topic idea is crucial for business podcasters who want to attract targeted and interested listeners to their show - especially if they have a paid product they want to promote.

For example, if you have a “YouTube marketing blueprint” course, you can simply plug it as a solution for people interested in growing their YouTube. That way, you can grow your podcast listenership and also promote your product at the same time.

Overall, you can also add your own blend into this topic to align more with your sub-niche. For example, it could be mixed with other topic ideas on this list like, “How ANYONE Can Grow Their Newsletter From 0 - 200k Subscribers in 5 Months.”

4. “Secrets” Type Topic Ideas

Starting an e-commerce business is hard. So, when an expert podcaster compiles actionable resources and titled it “8 SECRETS to Shopify Growth,” how would that sound for someone struggling with growing their Shopify store?

That's also the feeling that people get when they stumble on genuine business secrets. But, how can you do this?

Start by adding the word “Secrets” to your podcast title if your content falls into any of these categories;

  • There are key takeaways
  • There are exclusive information to give
  • There are personal anecdotes, case studies, or real-world examples

Your podcast doesn't have to tick all these boxes before you can use “secrets” in your title but it's recommended that it should tick about two of the boxes.

Why two boxes? Calling your episode secrets when there are no key takeaways and insightful ideas but rehashed common knowledge can backfire and you can be labeled as ingenuity. That's why it's important to have secrets in your episode before you add “secrets” in your title.

Ali Abdaal, in his episode with Stephen Barlett, used this topic idea to make the episode more appealing.

Ali Abdaal and Stephen Barlett episode using the "secrets" topic idea

In the episode, Stephen shared 9 habits that justify the use of the word “secrets” in the title. There are key takeaways, exclusive information, and personal anecdotes to back up his secrets.

But checking all three boxes is not compulsory and you don't need to have original ideas before you can use “secrets” in your title. Just make sure to find an equal balance between your original ideas and reused common knowledge.

This topic idea has been used many times, especially in the creatorpreneur niche but we expect to see more of this in the business niche of podcasting moving forward.

5. Podcasters Expand on “How To” Topic Ideas

Having a podcast niche without having a “How-to” topic is almost unheard of in 2024. The wide demand and consumption of How-to podcast episodes will likely continue to increase.

A quick look into any podcasters and you'll find that among their most famous episodes are How-to episodes.

The Diary of a CEO

the diary of a ceo interview with jordan peterson using an how-to topic idea

Huberman Lab

huberman lab podcast episode using the how-to topic idea

GaryVee Audio Experience

Gary Vee podcast using the how-to topic idea

From our survey of top podcasters in the business niche, estimates showed that in the top 3-4 of their most popular episodes, there’s at least one How-to topic in it.

Not just in podcasting, we are also seeing many How-to topic suggestions across many industries when users search from our podcast topic finder.

our podcast topic finder tool showing results for how-to topic ideas

This topic idea creates a niche blend between what the algorithm favors and the audience's interests.

However, since it's a very popular topic idea in the business podcast niche, many people are using it, hence, it becomes harder to get How-to topics before target audiences.

To solve this, we recommend;

  • Use your How-to topics alongside other topic ideas in this guide
  • Add social proof or authority to your How-to topics
  • Add numbers or percentages to make it more appealing
  • Consider niching down. Instead of “How To Market Your Business,” try “How to Use Instagram Reels to Market Your Solo Business”

6. Add “Unlock” To Your Topic

A search in the business niche across any industry will give you top results with “unlock” in the titles. And we are beginning to see big podcast channels investing in this topic idea.

Ali Abdaal

ali abdaal with codie sanchez podcast episode using the "secret" topic idea

Huberman Lab

huberman lab podcast epeisode using th e "secret" topic idea

MindValley Talks

minvalleytalks podcast using the "secrets" podcast topic idea

This topic idea has been a successful one in the podcast landscape and the listeners are showing increasing interest, too.

Many tutors and online learning spaces are utilizing this idea and we are also seeing increasing requests from analytics of our podcast topic ideas generator.

And the reason behind this isn't far-fetched because “unlock” means there is something behind your episodes that audiences will get. That's what makes it a top topic to incorporate into your business podcast - using your episode as a bridge for the audience to unlock something valuable.

The good part of this topic idea is that it can also be used alongside any topic idea on this list and much more. For example:

  • How ANYONE Can UNLOCK Creativity and Learn Faster
  • Business MASTERCLASS to UNLOCK Sales
  • UNLOCK the SECRETS to Going From $0 - $11k MRR

So, include these topic ideas in your business podcast and spice them up by mixing them with other ideas. We expect these topics to keep growing across podcasting, YouTube, Google, and online learning spaces.

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That concludes our list of important podcast topic ideas that will impact and enhance your business podcast. The behavior across the business niche will continue to change but based on our survey of top business podcasters, these 6 topic ideas will continue to make strides and get views.

However, business podcasters will need to keep a sharp eye on timely business topics to take advantage of them. That's why we built our free podcast topic ideas generator to scout for trending business topics and get an estimate of the clicks and views you can get.

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