17 Inspiring Podcast Show Notes Examples to Elevate Your Show (2023)



17 Inspiring Podcast Show Notes Examples to Elevate Your Show (2023)

Podcast show notes are often overlooked by podcasters, but they can have a huge impact on your podcast’s success. By optimizing your show notes and following some simple best practices, you can not only attract more traffic from Google search, but also turn your podcast listeners into loyal subscribers and paying customers.

Sounds good, right?

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some podcast show notes examples and discover the best practices and tips that you can apply to your own show.

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What are Podcast show notes?

Show notes are a piece of written content usually published with your podcast episode, either on the episode's website page or on a podcast directory.

They serve as a preview of the episode to attract listeners’ attention and interest them in the full content.

Show notes can vary in format and content, including transcripts, episode summaries, chapters, links to resources, and CTAs.

What are the benefits of podcast show notes?

By writing & optimizing effective podcast show notes, you will be able to:

Rank your podcast on google search & get more traffic

Search engines like Google cannot understand what your podcast is about as they are in audio/video format. But, having a shownotes for your podcast helps Google to understand what your podcast is about and how to classify it. This helps Google to show your podcast on search results for specific keywords. So, you can get traffic from Google and reach new audience.

Turn your podcast listeners into paying customers

Monetizing your podcast is easy if you have a shownotes for your podcast. You can add links to all the products mentioned in your episode & also recommend affiliate products on your podcast show notes.

Cross-promote other podcast episodes

You can add related podcasts in the show notes and drive your visitors to checkout and listen to other episodes. The more episodes your visitors listen to, the higher the chances they will become your subscribers.

So, now that we’ve seen how podcast show notes can help, Here are 17 best examples of podcast show notes for you to copy for your podcast:

Podcast Show Notes examples

1) Found my fitness Podcast

Link: Found my fitness

Fount my fitness podcast show notes

What’s good in this show notes:

  • This show notes starts with a quick intro of what the podcast is about with a hook that engages the users.
  • It has Timestamps for users to skip to episode they want (better retention)
  • The show notes is written like a blog with heading and description for each sub topic discussed in the podcast benefiting from the introduction of "H tags" (headings and sub headings) which help Google better understand your content.
  • The quotes section make it easy for listeners to tweet about the podcast with their followers.
  • Ends with a clear CTA on what the user can do next

2) Wannabe Entrepreneur Podcast

Link: Wannabe Entrepreneur

Wannabe Entrepreneur podcast show notes

What’s good in this show notes:

  • Social media links to know more about the guest and connect with them
  • List of all the resources mentioned in the podcast & links to access them
  • Timestamps help search engines Google understand all the topics mentioned in your podcast and rank your podcast for a wide range of keywords. It also lets listeners jump to their favorite section of the podcast.
  • Clear CTA for listeners
  • Internal links to related show notes pages will help visitors navigate between other episodes and increase your episode downloads. Also, adding internal links will increase your website authority and improve rankings on google search.

3) Habit Based Lifestyle Podcast

Link: Habit Based Lifestyle

Habit Based Lifestyle podcast show notes

What’s good in this show notes:

  • A quick intro with a quote on what’s discussed in the podcast (which can be shared by listeners)
  • Key takeaways of the podcast mentioned in bullet points that will encourage visitors to listen to the podcast
  • Links to all resources mentioned in the podcast

4. The Psychology Podcast

Link: The Psychology of Humor

The Psychology Podcast show notes examples

What’s good in this show notes:

  • CTA with a discounted offer at the start of show notes that will increase sales
  • A bullet list of all topics covered in the podcast that helps listeners understand what the podcast is about & gives context to search engines
  • Gives a back story of the author that gives listeners a reason to check out the podcast

5. Sound Bites Podcast

Link: Sound Bites

Sound Bites Podcast show notes examples

What’s good in this show notes:

  • The show notes title is optimized for terms people would search for
  • The show notes shares a quick intro of the episode and why people should listen to do by sharing all the topics discussed in the episode
  • The resources section shares instructions on the recipe discussed in the episode. This will be useful for audience to recollect the information shared. And it will also help with SEO.
  • The “related posts” section recommends podcasts that belong to similar niche, increasing the time spent on the podcast by listeners
  • Podcast transcript makes it easier for users to skim through the podcast and it also includes timestamps to let users jump to the favorite part of the podcast.

6. Fat Mascara Podcast

Link: The Red Carpet Look with Makeup Artist Kate Lee — FAT MASCARA

Fat Mascara Podcast show notes examples

What’s good in this show notes:

  • CTA Buttons on top of show notes to join the membership / community
  • Offers links to connect with people who were mentioned on podcast
  • A separate section for podcast sponsors and their products to help sponsors get maximum sales

7. Mind4Survival Podcast

Link: 161: How to Manage Stress and Anxiety in Preparedness - Mind4Survival

Mind4Survival Podcast show notes examples

What’s good in this showvnotes:

  • The show notes is written in blog format with sub-headings and bullets that improves SEO
  • Adding images to show notes can improve engagement on the show notes page and it also enables to rank on Google Images
  • A banner sized CTA that will hook the users and invite them check out the book

8. I Should Be Meditating Podcast

Mindful Choice Guided Meditation – I Should Be Meditating

I Should Be Meditating Podcast show notes examples

What’s good in this show notes:

  • Uses the show notes section to tell users how their life can transform through meditation
  • There are 3 CTA’s in this show notes, to make sure people don’t quit after listening, and end up becoming a part of the podcast’s subscriber list one way or another.
  • The first CTA is plugged very organically, offering a solution to a problem rather than looking like a promotion.
  • The second CTA asks users to join the community for free, to make them more engaged with the podcast.
  • And the final CTA encourages users to sign up on the website in exchange for a free ebook.
  • This show notes is fully setup as a funnel for the podcast. It is focused on converting listeners into subscribers & eventually paying customers.

9. Borrowed Podcast

The Teens Are Offline | Brooklyn Public Library (bklynlibrary.org)

Borrowed Podcast show notes examples

What’s good in this show notes:

  • Introduces the guest on the show in a exciting & intriguing way
  • Shares recommendations that the listeners are most likely to be interested in the additional resources section
  • A full transcript of the podcast with quote blocks to highlight the important points mentioned by the guest. This will help people to skim the content of the podcast faster and also help search engines grasp the content of the page.
  • Images added to the podcast show notes, make people have a more personal connection with it which is usually difficult to establish in a podcast. It also helps the podcast page rank on Google Images.

10.The Lots Project Podcast

Link: Rv Pets Challenges

The Lots Project Podcast show notes examples

What’s good in this shownotes:

The show notes page is optimized for generating revenue in 3 ways:

  • The right sidebar promotes relevant products to the listeners with affiliate links
  • The “Products to help” has links to products recommended in the podcast with amazon affiliate links
  • The final CTA “thinking about full time rving” encourages interested listeners to sign up for a free consultation which could end up with availing the products/services they recommend.

11. Firenation Podcast

Link: Quit Stalling and Build Your Brand. You Don’t Need an MBA to Crush It In Ecommerce with Ben Leonard

Firenation Podcast show notes examples

What’s good in this show notes:

  • Side Bar with 3 different CTA for users that encourages users to subscribe to the newsletter, order their product and check out their related content.
  • Gives a shout out to the resource mentioned by guest on the show
  • 3 Value Bombs section shares the key takeaways of the podcast
  • The sponsors section gives good visibility to the podcast sponsors
  • Transcript of the podcast with timestamps helps with podcast SEO to help it rank on google for all the keywords mentioned in the podcast. It also lets people skim through the podcast.

Where Should We Begin Podcast

Link: WHERE SHOULD WE BEGIN? Season 5 Episode 1 - Friendship - My Reliable Gift

Where Should We Begin Podcast show notes examples

What’s good in this podcast show notes:

  • Link to the transcript of the podcast to make the podcast content more accessible
  • Newsletter form on the side bar that encourages visitors to subscribe
  • The Thematics section shares the interesting topics that are discussed in the episode and encourages people to listen to it to find out the answer/solution.
  • There’s also an popup on the show notes page to create buzz & get subscribers for an upcoming product launch by the podcaster.

Where Should We Begin Podcast show notes pop examples

13. Logo Geek Podcast

Link: How To Get Logo Design Clients | Tom Ross & Michael Janda

Logo Geek Podcast show notes examples

What’s good in this show notes:

  • A personal cover image for the show notes page that makes it more authentic
  • Well spaced & clean layout for each section of show notes making it more readable
  • A highlighted placement for sponsor that will help them get more clicks
  • Transcript of the show that will benefit SEO & accessibility
  • Recommendations to similar episodes to increase the listening time and convert them into subscribers and fans

14. Hot Copy Podcast

Link: E119: Creating content that connects for SaaS businesses with Kat Ambrose

Hot Copy Podcast show notes examples

What’s good in this podcast show notes:

  • The first two lines of the show notes explain what this episode is going to be about in a very simple way, making it interesting for listeners to follow along.
  • The show notes page has a click to tweet button to get more engagement for the episode
  • The “Share the pod love” section serves as a great social proof for new listeners by sharing the testimonials the podcast has got. And it encourages people to give it a try.
  • Quote posts are high engagement posts on social media. The “Share the meme” section makes it easy for listeners to share the key quotes from the podcast & get engagement on their profiles.

15. Brain Candy Podcast

Link: 746: Book Blurbs, Plastic Plants, & Rigged Ratings | The Brain Candy Podcast

Brain Candy Podcast show notes examples

What’s good in the show notes?

  • The sidebar of the show notes pages promotes the merch of the podcast to drive revenue
  • Special offers for listeners from sponsors to drive traffic & get affiliate revenue from show notes
  • A quick summary of what listeners can expect in the podcast

16. Micro Voices Podcast

Link: #397 Alex Gurevich: The Real Rates Tsunami

Micro Voices Podcast show notes examples

What’s good in this podcast show notes:

  • Makes it seamless for listeners to apply to be a guest on the show or recommend someone by adding a “guest pitches” button
  • Donate button with an empathetic content that encourages listeners to donate
  • The list of topics discussed on the podcast to hook listeners
  • A downloadable version of the podcast transcript
  • Option to download free extra bonus resources for listeners who create an account. This turns the listeners into subscribers and potential clients in the future.

17. Good Morning Podcasters Podcast

Link: #9 Ways to Optimize Your Podcast's Website for Email Subscriptions

Good Morning Podcasters Podcast show notes examples

What’s good in this show notes:

  • Subscribe button CTA right on top of the show notes page
  • Show notes title optimized for engagement
  • Shares all the important takeaways from the podcast
  • Full transcript of podcast with timestamps

So what did we learn from these show notes examples?

Although all of these examples are diverse in podcast topics, creators, and content styles, most of them have 7 common elements in their show notes.

  • An audio player at the top of the page allowing visitors to listen to the podcast without leaving the page.
  • Engaging title that incorporates relevant keywords about the podcast episde
  • A summary of the podcast that helps visitors understand what the episode is about
  • Key highlights with timestamps that help visitors to skim the content and navigate to a specific section of the episode
  • A section about the guest that provides information and intrigues visitors to listen to the episode
  • The transcript of the episode that boosts your SEO and makes your podcast accessible
  • A call to action

However, writing podcast show notes can be a hassle and take a lot of time. You have to transcribe your podcast, summarize it, and find the highlights while taking notes of the timestamps.

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