How to create audiograms for your podcast - tips, tricks and examples



How to create audiograms for your podcast - tips, tricks and examples

Last updated: 7/17/2024

Last updated: 7/17/2024

We've put together a detailed guide on how to create and promote an audiogram for your podcast.

This guide includes 7 podcast audiogram checkboxes you need to complete including useful hacks to promote your audiogram, the best social media platforms for sharing your audiogram, and how you can create an audiogram with a single tap.

Tip: Create a free Podsqueeze account (takes seconds and no credit card required) so you can follow the steps in this guide.

So, if you want higher listenership and increased discoverability for your show through strategic podcast repurposing using audiograms, this guide is for you.

Let's get started!

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What's a Podcast Audiogram?

Podcast audiograms are visual soundbites layered with subtitles, static images, or any other engaging visuals to grab attention. They are a cool promotion tool for podcasters to share their audio-only podcast content on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or Facebook.

How To Create A Podcast Audiogram With Podsqueeze

Podsqueeze simplifies audiogram creation with several benefits. Using AI, it detects the main segments in your podcast, allowing you to easily select which segments to convert into an audiogram.

It also generates subtitles automatically and provides customization options for your cover, fonts, and colors, ensuring a seamless match with your podcast's style.

Here is how to create an audiogram effortlessly;

Step 1: Start by creating an account and then clicking on “Convert New Episode”. You can either search for your podcast episode, input your RSS feed or you can upload your podcast audio file directly by clicking on “Upload Audio or Video”.

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Step 2: Let Podsqueeze analyze your episode with AI to identify the main segments, and generate multiple content pieces to publish and promote your podcast such as transcript, show notes and social media posts.

Note: This process may take 5-10 minutes.

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Podsqueeze will then generate many content pieces for your podcast episode such as full trancript, show notes, titles, social media posts and, of course, audiograms. To get your audiograms click on “Media Content” and then "Video Clip".

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Step 3: And like that, you'll have your podcast audiograms. You can edit the aspect ratio, cut, trim and customize the clips to your liking and when you're ready to download, click “Export Clip”.

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Podcast Audiogram Examples

Now that you're familiar with what an audiogram is, here are a few real use cases as examples.

Below is a podcast audiogram sharing a snippet of an original episode from a German podcast called Anxiety Time Podcast

audiogram of anxiety time podcast

Another interesting podcast audiogram is from the popular podcast Smartless having an interview with Musician, Selena Gomez.

audiogram of smartless podcast

The third podcast episode on the list is from Stacy Zeal, sharing a snippet of her podcast, Road to $1 Million.

audiogram of road to $1 million podcast

Why Do You Need An Audiogram For Your Podcast?

Scripting, recording, editing, and publishing your podcast isn't all you need to have a successful podcast. Without useful content and a strategic approach to promoting your podcast episodes, your podcast will struggle to be seen and get enough listeners.

Among the best podcast repurposing strategies for audio-only podcasts on social media are audiograms. Here are some reasons why you need audiograms for your show.

Visual Identity

Although you've got an audio podcast, with audiograms, you can create a visual identity for your show that instantly makes your brand stand out and make it more recognizable.


Podcast audiograms are ideal for sharing across various social media platforms to reach different audiences and attract new listeners to your show.


Podcast audiograms are effective for sharing captivating soundbites from your original episode. By doing so, you can offer a sneak peek that entices the audience to check out your show.

Attention Grabbers

Most modern platforms are optimized for videos over static images and audiograms are the exact fit for this. By adding sound waveforms and other visual elements to your audio recording, you can increase the attention to your show.

Useful Tips For Promoting Your Podcast Audiogram

To see your audiograms successful, you need to have some boxes checked. Fail to do so and your audiogram may struggle to drive traffic to your show.

The following list contains important tips that serve as the foundation of a successful podcast promotion using audiograms.

Tailor Your Customization

Audiograms can be repurposed on any social media platform but users on each social platform engage differently to content. For example, a study by Buffer found that square videos (audiograms) perform best on Facebook and Instagram.

screen shot of the study by Buffer

And not just that, for example, a static image with a simple waveform could be ideal for X (Twitter) while flashy and brighter visual elements tend to appeal to Instagram users.

Experiment with different formats across different platforms and find what works best.

Only Select Captivating Audio Clips

Not just flashy images, compelling waveforms, or clicky headlines, your audiogram is only as good as its audio foundation. Make sure to select interesting moments from your episode that pique audience interest.

So, how do you find captivating audio clips? To effectively pique audiences' interests on social media, you might need to answer some questions:

  • What's the most surprising part of the episode?
  • Did you share personal stories or memories?
  • Do you have any segments you think might bring humor or entertainment to the audience?

Answering these questions will easily help you find important parts of your episode to share.

Explore Shoulder Niches

One of the most effective ways to increase your audiogram discoverability is by exploring shoulder niches. Don't limit your audiogram to your specific audiences alone.

And one of the ways to explore your shoulder niches is through hashtags. For example, if your episode is about “How to grow an e-commerce brand”, your hashtags can go beyond that and include hashtags like;

#brandbuilding #brandmarketing #businessbranding #businessmarketing

Also, include more general but relevant hashtags that reflect the theme of your audiograms.

Best Social Media For Your Podcast Audiogram

There are many options where you can share your created audiograms for maximum results.

Here are the most common social media platforms to keep in mind.

YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts has been a media powerhouse for podcasters since it launched in 2021. Unlike most social media, you don't need a thousand subscribers on YouTube for your audiogram to go viral.

To get the most out of YouTube, start by using a catchy title for your audiogram, and make sure your caption includes relevant hashtags.

Also, change the visibility to “public”, and select a “location” (this can be effective if you're targeting a specific set of audience in a demographic).

screen shot of youtube shorts menu

Select your “Audience” depending on the content of your audiograms. And also, allow “video and audio remixing”

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Address all requests on this YouTube page. It's critical for your audiogram SEO and discoverability.

Learn more how to optimize your clips and Audiograms for Youtube Shorts in this article.

Instagram Reels

Reels have about 2.35 monthly active users (MUAs). And like YouTube, you don't need many followers for your audiogram to go viral on Instagram. But before that, there are some general tips for Instagram to keep in mind.

  • Tag your guest: If your podcast audiogram includes a guest, make sure to tag them and ask them to share your audiogram in their stories to tap into their audience.
  • Create a collab post: Consider adding your audiogram to your feed and add your guest as a collaborator. Collaborative posts get automatically posted on the feeds of all collaborators.
  • Leverage hashtags: For example, the following hashtags are popular podcasting hashtags that can increase your reach on Instagram:

#podcastrecommendation #USpodcast (replace “US” with your country) #podcastcommunity #podcastdiscovery #podcasthost #instagrampodcast #podcastofinstagram #podcast2024 #podcastinglife #podcastingworld

Feel free to mix and match these hashtags based on your content and experiment with them to see what works best.


As vast and influential as the short video world has become, TikTok stands as its pioneer. To maximize your show's reach, consider incorporating TikTok into your promotional channels for podcast audiograms.

Besides, from all the major short clip platforms, tiktok still stands out as the best for engagement surpassing Instagram and Youtube Shorts.


While YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok dominate the short video landscape, Reddit remains an untapped social media platform for podcasters. Since 2018, Reddit has experienced a remarkable 38% growth, averaging over 1 billion video views monthly.

screen shot of reddit data

Exploring this platform provides a unique opportunity to boost discoverability and attract more traffic to your show, especially if you have a niche podcast that can benefit from themed Reddit forums. Moreover, with less competition from other content creators, it becomes easier for your content to stand out.

Bonus tip: Engagement on Reddit tends to peak during weekend mornings and Mondays.


Pinterest is an untapped powerhouse for short clips and audiograms. The Pinterest video feature might be an underused feature compared to its image-based pins. But still, Pinterest videos average almost a billion views on the platform daily.

Also, Pinterest is the fourth most popular social media site in the US. So, if you want to get an extra boost to the number of your listeners, Pinterest is a decent platform to plug your audiogram and get it discovered.

Bonus Tip: If your audience consists primarily of women, Pinterest is an ideal social media platform for you, as its largest user base comprises 76.2% women compared to 17.2% men.

X (Twitter) Short Video

Given X's 280-character limit, its audience is accustomed to short-form content.

In fact, according to internal X data, videos posted with minimal tweet copy, compared to longer tweet copy, exhibit a 13% higher brand and message recall, along with increased overall view time.

screen shot of twitter data

Also, include mentions, and hashtags and follow the trends in your industry on X to maximize your audiogram reach on the platform.

Wrapping Up

And there you've it, how you can create podcast audiograms at the tap of a finger and advanced practices to help you maximize your audiogram discoverability on social media.

By ticking the checkboxes above, you'll be well on your way to maximizing the potential of your podcast audiograms.

If you're ready to implement the steps and tips outlined in this guide, sign up for a free Podsqueeze account.

By signing up, you’ll be able to generate multiple content pieces for your podcast episodes:

  • Audiograms
  • Transcripts
  • Show notes
  • Chapters with timestamps
  • Blog and social posts

And more.

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Podcast Audiogram FAQs

What's a podcast audiogram?

A podcast audiogram is a visual representation of your podcast audio, often used to share podcast highlights and interesting snippets of your episode on social media. It is used to grab attention and entice listeners.

How do I create an engaging audiogram for my podcast episodes?

Use eye-catching visuals, highlight compelling snippets and ensure the audio quality is top-notch by using a tool like Adobe Audio Enhancer if needed. To streamline your audiogram creation consider using Podsqueeze's Clip Maker.

What tools or apps are best for making audiograms?

You can create your audiograms using video editing software or opt for an AI tool like Podsqueeze, which streamlines the process for you. Podsqueeze automatically detects the main segments of your podcast episode, making it easy to export as ready to share audiograms. It also generates subtitles automatically and offers customization features to make your audiograms match the style of your podcast.

Any tips on choosing the best snippet for the audiogram?

Make sure to select engaging snippets that are relevant to your podcast episode but maximize the potential for virality on social media such as personal stories, memories, strong or controversial opinions and actionable tips. Check out this guide for more tips on how to craft and select short clips from your show.

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