Podcasting is an incredibly rewarding endeavor, but those who truly invest in their podcasting journey are well aware of the immense amount of work it entails. From pre-production to publishing and marketing, launching a podcast involves traversing various stages, each demanding distinct technical skills and a significant time commitment. Consequently, many podcasters opt to enlist the services of a podcast manager—an expert equipped with the necessary technical prowess to assist them throughout the podcast launch process.

Now, you might be wondering: what exactly is a podcast manager, and how can they contribute to the success of your podcast?

To gain a better understanding of the role of a podcast manager and their invaluable assistance to podcasters, we sat down with Juliana Barbanti - an accomplished professional podcast manager, devoted podcaster, and the proud owner of a podcast management agency. Juliana's insights, will help you gain a deeper understanding of the many advantages that come with hiring a podcast manager and assess whether your podcast could truly benefit from their expertise.

What is a podcast manager

What are the typical responsibilities of a podcast manager?

A podcast manager serves as the driving force behind the successful production and promotion of a podcast. The offerings can vary, but here's a snapshot of what services typically includes:

Content planning - A podcast manager can help develop a content strategy that aligns with your brand, the message you want to convey, and your audience's interests. They can identify the best topics to discuss, the best guests to feature, and the best ways to structure your episodes.

Scheduling - A podcast manager can handle the scheduling of your podcast episodes and guests, ensuring a consistent release schedule, which is crucial for building and maintaining an audience.

Guest coordination - A podcast manager can help identify guests who would be a good fit for your show, based on your podcast's theme, content, and audience interests. They may research potential guests, reach out to them, and pitch your podcast as a platform for them to share their ideas and experiences.

Overseeing recording and production - The podcast manager ensures that the audio quality is top-notch during recording. They monitor levels and manage any technical issues that may arise.

Once the recording is complete, the podcast manager oversees the editing and post-production process. This can involve working with an audio editor to clean up the sound, remove unnecessary sections, add music or sound effects, and prepare the episode for release.

Marketing and promotion - A podcast manager can also plan strategies to improve listener engagement, such as encouraging reviews, facilitating listener participation, or implementing social media campaigns to drive conversation around your podcast.

Analytics and improvement - They can track the performance of each episode and provide insights about listener demographics, listener behavior, and popular topics. This data can inform future content planning decisions to enhance listener satisfaction and grow your audience.

Sponsorship and monetization - If applicable, a podcast manager can help plan and manage monetization strategies, such as finding sponsors, setting up premium content, and exploring other revenue opportunities.

What specific services does your podcast agency specialize in to assist podcasters in their podcast production?

I cater to my clients' needs through an array of services:

Podcast Launch - Embarking on the journey to launch a podcast can feel like navigating a labyrinth of tasks and decisions, an endeavor that can seem daunting, especially to those new in the field. However, you don't have to traverse this path alone. We stand ready to be your reliable partners, equipped with well-honed strategies and extensive expertise honed from our vast experience in the industry.

Our role is to demystify the podcast launch process, turning the seemingly overwhelming into the easily manageable. Our approach is based on proven strategies designed to streamline each step of the journey, from conceptualizing your unique idea to executing a successful launch.

We commit ourselves to work closely with our clients, aligning our expert guidance with your vision to create a podcast that is not just another voice in the crowd. Instead, we strive to bring to life a podcast that truly resonates with your audience, a show that captivates listeners from the very first episode and keeps them eagerly coming back for more.

Podcast Management - Our comprehensive podcast management services are designed to shoulder the intricate operational intricacies inherent in the podcasting journey. Our role is to streamline your behind-the-scenes work, thereby enabling you to channel your creative energy and focus solely on crafting the engaging content that makes your podcast unique.

At the heart of our service is the optimization of your podcast, ensuring it stands out in a crowded digital landscape. We employ data-driven strategies and industry best practices to maximize your podcast's visibility, aiming to place your content within easy reach of your intended audience.

Coaching - I blend strategy with mindset to offer a comprehensive business strategy that gets results. Whether you're looking to boost your podcast or grow your online business, I’m here to help you. Whether your aspirations lie in amplifying your podcast's reach, or you're striving to expand your online business, I stand prepared to be your catalyst for success. I dive deep into the unique aspects of your venture, crafting bespoke strategies to help you conquer your specific challenges and harness your distinct opportunities.

Courses - I’ve taken all my agency expertise and packed it up into DIY courses. Whether you want to launch a new show, or grow your current one, I’ve got you covered.

These courses serve as your roadmap, illuminating the path to success in podcasting. They encapsulate not only the practical 'how-to' but also the strategic insights required to make your mark in this thriving medium. With these tools at your disposal, you're equipped to navigate the podcasting landscape with confidence and clarity

When do podcasters need the support of a podcast manager/agency?

The need for a podcast manager varies among podcasters. Time management is a critical factor since podcasting involves numerous demanding aspects like planning, recording, editing, and promoting. For those juggling other commitments, a podcast manager can be a life-saver.

Many of my clients approach me even before launching their podcasts. They're driven by the desire to focus on their genius and avoid the hassle of handling technical and backend issues.

Plus with my track record of getting podcasts to rank on day 1, they find working with me highly appealing.

We would love to hear more about how Podsqueeze enhances your productivity and helps you achieve your goals.

Podsqueeze came into my workflow after an introductory email from João. I was impressed with its transcripts, timestamp feature, and links mentioned. It's a tool I trust to handle the backend work, allowing me to focus on other aspects of the podcast production workflow.

Even though our team benefits from the expertise of a dedicated copywriter, we find the newsletter and Twitter feature offered by Podsqueeze to be invaluable in stimulating our creative processes. Podsqueeze serves as an exceptional brainstorming tool that effectively boosts our ideation capacity, inspiring a greater abundance of unique concepts for our clients.

This platform's efficiency lies in its ability to provide us with a rich selection of engaging content. By having a ready supply of thought-provoking material at our fingertips, we are able to channel our energy more efficiently and effectively. This access allows us to focus on fine-tuning these ideas to align perfectly with our clients' specific requirements.

In essence, Podsqueeze is more than just a tool - it's an enhancement of our creative process, an ignitor of ideas, and a time-saver that aids us in crafting tailored content strategies. The value it adds to our workflow is substantial, enabling us to continually meet and exceed our clients' expectations.

As a podcast manager, what unique value do you bring to podcasters that Podsqueeze cannot?

Have you ever called a customer service number only to be stuck with a bot, asking for “Human” and nothing?! I’m not going to lie, Podsqueeze is pretty great. But I have a midas touch that AI doesn’t.

My agency doesn’t just edit episodes and write show notes. We have a full marketing strategy that comes with our services which includes monthly data analysis, episode mapping for faster growth, monthly coaching calls and Voxer support. So we’re not just the people behind the scenes. We help you integrate your podcast into your business so it can become your funnel and lead generator. We also focus heavily on SEO to make sure your podcast is getting as much organic traffic as possible. Plus I know what makes the podcast algorithm happy, so I can help you have success faster.

Could you share an SEO pro tip with our podcaster readers?

Be specific with your keywords so the listeners can find you.

Rather than leaning into creativity when crafting your podcast titles, descriptions, and show notes, embrace strategic clarity. Remember, your primary tools for discovery are your keywords. Consider the mindset of your ideal listener: when they are seeking solutions to a problem, what terms are they likely to search for? What words or phrases would naturally spring to mind? These are the seeds from which your keyword strategy should grow.

In the context of podcast titles and show notes, creativity can sometimes cloud clarity, making your podcast episodes harder to find. Instead, aim for specificity and relevance in these areas, directly mirroring the search terms your audience would use. This directness is the cornerstone of effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO), making your podcast episodes easily discoverable and relatable to potential listeners.

However, this doesn't mean there's no room for creativity in your podcasting journey. Shift your creative focus towards the actual episode. Here, your imagination can truly soar, enabling you to engage your audience in a dynamic way, and further amplifying the reach and appeal of your podcast.

If you want to learn more about how to increase your listeners and rank you podcast, check out this episode: Podcast SEO 101

How much do your services cost, and what does the package include?

My courses start at $797 (one time fee), and our services start at $847/m. All packages include editing, SEO-optimized titles and show notes, transcripts, scheduling, and monthly data analysis. I also offer packages that feature social media assets, blog posts, Pinterest management, coaching, and Voxer support for masterminding.

Aside from podcast management, I also offer strategy sessions and coaching packages for clients who prefer to keep podcast management in house but want a set of expert eyes on their show and business.

How can podcasters get in touch with you?

You can connect with me or my website, www.julianabarbati.com or shoot me an email at hello@julianabarbati.com.

Lastly, could you tell us a little bit about your podcast?

In Organic Marketing Simplified, I offer actionable tips to help you grow your business sustainably. My goal is to make your entrepreneurial journey easier by providing shortcuts and breakthroughs, without the fluff or the extras.