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Repurpose your podcast and simplify production with one click!


Get the full transcript of your podcast episode, along with an SRT file ready for generating captions and subtitles.

Show Notes

Summarize the main topics covered in your episode and make it more searchable.


Create chapters with timestamps and guide listeners to specific segments of your podcast episode.


Boost your podcast SEO and engagement with catchy titles that work!

Blog & Social Posts

Post about your podcast episode everywhere and get new listeners!

Newsletters & more

Engage your audience and keep them up to date with new episodes.

"Of all the best AI transcription tools we tested, Podsqueeze generated the most useful outputs for Show Notes, Timestamps, Titles, Mentions, Sample Blog Posts, and Key Quotes."

Justin Jackson Co-founder of transistor

Justin Jackson

Co-founder of


AI Podcast Clips and Audiograms

One Click Episode Clips

Podsqueeze effortlessly generates subtitled clips from your video podcast and audiograms from your audio-only podcast. Just pick the chapter you're interested in from your episode and export your video. It's really that easy!

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AI Podcast Clips


Effortlessly manage content creation for multiple podcasts

Podsqueeze is a powerful tool for all podcasting professionals. Whether you're a solo podcaster, podcast manager, or agency, Podsqueeze offers all the features you need to streamline your podcast content creation workflow.

Create podcast folders to keep your episodes organized.

Easily share your content page with clients and team

Tune the AI voice for every show you manage

Plan the content for the next episodes with our advanced podcast topics finder

Podsqueeze AI prompt feature

"Podsqueeze's ability to use prompts to tune the content of each podcast we manage and save them for future episodes, allows us to keep the voices of each show consistent. This is an elite feature that we couldn't find in any other tools"

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Celine Albertini

COO at Podigy Podcasts


Masterclasses from experienced Podcasters

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Listen to our podcast, where we interview experienced podcasters and users of Podsqueeze from around the world. We ask them to share their tips, insights, stories, and everything you need to know to grow your own podcast.

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