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SRT File Generator

Use Podsqueeze AI to automatically transcribe your audio/video file and generate accurate SRT subtitles in one-click. Boost your viewer engagement, enhance accessibility and cut down on podcast/video production time.

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Seamlessly generate SRT subtitles with AI


Generate dependable SRT subtitles in just a few minutes that match the accuracy of human transcription. Simply upload your audio or video file and let our AI do the magic.

Light on your wallet

The cost for human captioning services, can average around $7 per minute whereas Podsqueeze AI can generate captions for as low as 5 cents per minute. This provides a highly cost-effective solution for both novice and experienced content creators.

Lightning Fast Generation

With a single click, Podsqueeze generates an SRT file for easy download. Create SRT subtitles for a 30-minute clip in under 5 minutes with Podsqueeze, saving up to 2 hours of manual transcription for each episoe.


Easily generate an SRT file with Podsqueeze

1.Upload your audio or video file

Sign up, for a free Podsqueeze account, click “Convert new episode” and upload an audio/video file.

2. Podsqueeze analyzes and transcribes your content

Our AI analyzes your audio/video file, automatically identifies the language of the content & begins transcribing it.

3. Get SRT Subtitles and much more!

In just a few minutes, Podsqueeze automatically generates the full audio/video transcript and provides an SRT file with ready-to-use subtitles. But there's more! Our AI goes the extra mile, repurposing your content into short video clips, summaries and descriptions, social media posts and much more!

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Why Do You Need SRT Subtitles?

Enhanced Accessibility

Did you know that videos with closed captions get 40% more views than ones without. Adding SRT captions not only enhances the accessibility of your content by offering a text-based version of spoken words but is also particularly beneficial for the over 10 million Americans with hearing impairments.

Improved SEO and Discoverability

By incorporating SRT subtitles, you provide a clear understanding of your video's content to search engines, aiding in more effective indexing. This, in turn, enhances the likelihood of your video ranking higher in search engine results when users search for relevant terms or keywords.

Enhanced User Engagement

A significant portion of your followers and subscribers may come from other countries or be foreign language speakers. Subtitles contribute to improving the overall viewing or listening experience for them, especially in situations with unclear audio or accents. This results in increased user engagement and satisfaction, aiding in a faster growth of your subscribers.

Learn more on how to get the most out of your Podsqueeze generated content.

Expand the audience for your content using Podsqueeze

Generate short video clips from your audio/video file

Podsqueeze generates engaging audiogram videos from your podcast audio file that are perfect for sharing on platforms like Instagram and tiktok, maximizing your reach.

Summarize your transcript

Generate summaries, timestamped chapters, and key takeaways presented in your audio/video as bullet points for your podcast show notes. Enhance your engagement and provide valuable content for your audience.

Repurpose Your content across multiple channels

Podsqueeze AI automatically transforms your audio/video into a variety of marketing pieces, such as blog posts, tweets, newsletters, social media updates, and quote images. You can completely offload all your boring marketing tasks to Podsqueeze and focus on content creation.

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