Transcribe Podcast to Text


Transcribe Podcast to Text

Manually transcribing a podcast is an expensive and tedious time-consuming task. Convert your podcast to text in one click using Podsqueeze's AI-powered transcription with human-level accuracy and super fast speed. Get your transcript with speaker identification, SRT file for subtitles, episode summaries and highlights, and much more!

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Streamline your podcast transcription writing and repurpose your audio effortlessly

Being podcasters ourselves, we fully understand the stress that comes with producing a show, from pre-production to creating all the content required for podcast growth and promotion. That's why we created Podsqueeze AI - to help fellow podcast creators simplify their content creation journey by effortlessly generating transcripts and repurposing podcast audio into various content formats.

Automatically generate podcast show notes with timestamps

Generate show notes for your episodes complete with titles, timestamps, summary & key takeaways. Enhance your podcast's accessibility, boost your SEO and rank higher on search engines.

Repurpose your podcast into promotional content pieces

Podsqueeze AI repurposes your podcast audio & creates multiple content pieces from it including blogs, tweets, social media posts, quote images & more to promote your podcast.

One click landing page creation for your podcast episode

In just a click of a button, you get a beautiful landing page for your episode on Podsqueeze with an embedded player and show notes with clickable chapters. Your landing page makes it effortless to share your episode with your audience, even if you don't have a website.

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"Of all the best AI transcription tools we tested, Podsqueeze generated the most useful outputs for Show Notes, Timestamps, Titles, Mentions, Sample Blog Posts, and Key Quotes."

Justin Jackson Co-founder of transistor

Justin Jackson

Co-founder of

Benefits of using AI to convert podcast to text

High speed transcription

We use Industry leading transcription technology that can transcribe your podcast as accurately as a human transcription within minutes. It's now possible to transcribe a 30-minute podcast in less than 5 minutes.

Low cost, high quality

AI is the most cost-effective option to transcribe your podcast audio. In fact, with Podsqueeze, you can transcribe a whole podcast episode for the price of just one minute of manual transcription, typically $1-1.5.

Automatic speaker identification

Podsqueeze transcribes your podcast episodes and automatically recognizes distinct speakers, complete with timestamps, making it easier for your listeners to follow along.


How to transcribe your podcast to text with Podsqueeze

1. Select the Podcast episode to transcribe

Sign up here, and click "Generate content" in your Dashboard. Upload a podcast audio/video file or search for your podcast name to select an episode to transcribe.

2. Let our AI do its Magic

Once you've picked your podcast, Podsqueeze AI takes over. It listens, analyzes, and begins transcribing your podcast.

3. Get the transcript of your podcast

In just a few minutes, you'll receive your podcast transcript complete with speaker identification and accurate timestamps. Plus, you have the option to download it as an SRT file for adding captions and subtitles to your podcast.

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Why should you transcribe your podcast?

Transcribing your podcast offers numerous benefits for both you and your audience. It makes your podcast more accessible to people who aren't native English speakers or may have difficulty hearing. Additionally, it boosts your podcast's visibility on search engines like Google, thanks to the presence of important keywords in the transcript. Furthermore, it allows busy listeners to swiftly pinpoint and enjoy their favorite parts of the podcast, saving them time and making your content more user-friendly. Having a transcript can also be incredibly valuable during the podcast editing workflow. It simplifies the process of reviewing the content and allows you to quickly locate relevant quotes using timestamps, which can be repurposed for social media or other promotional purposes.

How can i use my transcript?

A lot of podcasters choose to put their episode transcripts right on their website's show notes page. Some podcasters also get creative with it and use transcripts as a special bonus for their podcast membership plan, making it exclusive content for their subscribers. In situations where there are character limits, like in the podcast directory description section or on YouTube, you can still make your transcript available by linking to a public Google Doc with your transcript.

Can I get my podcast transcription for free?

Yes, you can! We offer a free plan that lets you transcribe upto 50 mins of podcasting time a month without the need for a paid subscription or credit card.

Learn more on how to get the most out of your AI generated transcripts.