Get more podcast listeners


Get more podcast listeners

Get more podcast listeners and streamline your production process with automatic show notes, social media posts, and short clips to expand your show's reach. Simplify your production workflow and save hours of manual labor spent writing content and brainstorming promotional ideas.

Podsqueeze features
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Generate content for your podcast with the power of AI

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Full transcripts and subtitles

Generate full transcripts that match human accuracy, complete with speaker identification and timestamps. Download an SRT file with ready to use subtitles, you can submit to youtube and use with your favorite video editing software.

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Craft your unique show notes

Generate engaging content pieces to craft your unique show notes with catchy titles, concise descriptions, chapters with timestamps, highlights as bullet points and even resources mentioned in your episode.

Learn more about show notes and how to craft the perfect ones for your podcast.

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Spread the word and grow your podcast

Repurpose your podcast audio for social media and grow your show. Generate blog posts and even ready-to-send newsletters to keep your audience engaged and up to date. Get notable quote suggestions, all with one click

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AI Podcast Clips


Enhance your podcast with media content

Episode Clips & Quote images

Podsqueeze automatically identifies distinct chapters within your podcast episode and creates customizable clips complete with subtitles for each segment. Just choose a chapter and export your clip, it's that simple!

Automatically generate image quotes for sharing on social media and enhance your show notes. Simply choose a quote and download your image.

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Create media content for your podcast

One Click landing pages

Create an episode landing page seamlessly with automatic show notes and playable chapters in just one click. Share your landing page on social media and send it to your newsletter audience even before releasing your episode on your hosting platform. Enable your audience to effortlessly share specific timestamps of your episode with their friends using our user-friendly player.


Effortlessly manage content creation for multiple podcasts

Podsqueeze is a powerful tool for all podcasting professionals. Whether you're a solo podcaster, podcast manager, or agency, Podsqueeze offers all the features you need to streamline your podcast content creation workflow.

Create podcast folders to keep your episodes organized.

Easily share your content page with clients and team

Tune the AI voice for every show you manage

Plan the content for the next episodes with our advanced podcast topics finder

Podsqueeze AI prompt feature

"Podsqueeze's ability to use prompts to tune the content of each podcast we manage and save them for future episodes, allows us to keep the voices of each show consistent. This is an elite feature that we couldn't find in any other tools"

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Celine Albertini

COO at Podigy Podcasts


Can I generate content for my podcast for free?

Yes, you can! Podsqueeze offers a free plan that lets you generate content for upto 50 minutes of podcasting time a month, without the need for a paid subscription or credit card. Sign up, upload your podcast episode, and try it out without any commitment.

How much does a paid Podsqueeze subscription cost?

Podsqueeze provides plans tailored for both individual podcasters and podcast agencies, offering varying amounts of minutes. The paid plans kick off at $12 per month, granting 160 minutes of podcasting time monthly. With larger plans, the price per minute can drop as low as $0.05, enabling you to transcribe and repurpose an entire podcast episode for just $1.55. AI services stand out as the most budget-friendly solution for streamlining your podcast content creation.

Learn more about outsourcing your show notes including the pros, cons and costs associated with hiring different services.

Can an AI summarizer replace a human copywriter?

The best way to summarize your podcast episodes may vary depending on what kind of podcast you have and what you want to achieve with it. For most podcasts, an AI podcast summarizer like Podsqueeze can help you create attractive episode summaries and other content pieces to craft your show notes, such as full transcripts, key points, and chapters with timestamps. However, some podcasts are more difficult for AI summarizers to deal with. Podcasts that feature live music, comedy or poetry, for example, may not have a clear narrative that AI tools can follow. In these cases, you might need a more customized human touch. In general, for most podcasts, using AI summarizers can make production much easier, at a much lower cost than hiring a human copywriter.

Learn more on how to get the most out of your AI generated content.